Tom Cruise’s ‘Oblivion

Trailer Park: Tom Cruise’s ‘Oblivion,’ Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’

We’re starting the week with a look at two new sci-fi projects from actor pals Tom Cruise and Will Smith.Trailer Park: Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion,' Will Smith's 'After Earth'

Both movies take us to a post-apocalyptic earth, with the trailer for Cruise’s movie, “Oblivion,” opening with a shot of where the last Super Bowl game was played.

Cruise’s nostalgic character Jack Harper, fitted in a Yankees cap, goes on to tell us that while earth’s inhabitants won a battle that happened 60 years prior, the war left much of the planet destroyed. As a result, “everyone’s been evacuated, and nothing human remains.”

Harper’s part of a “mop-up crew” of drone repairmen with just two weeks to go before his mission was complete. But while he’s out scavenging, Harper’s taken by an underground group of rebels seemingly led by a cigar-smoking Morgan Freeman. It isn’t long before he also discovers a group of apparent humans in pods, which includes one woman who mysteriously knows his name.

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